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Our Reality Is Skewed

Our perception of ourselves is skewed by our reality as we perceive it. Sounds deep, right? Well, I was going through my emails from a few years back and came across this gem talking about this very issue. __________ A Minister decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his Sunday sermon. So four …

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Step Into Your Lane

A new version of The Lion King came out recently and the similarities to our business (and personal lives) are mirrored in the depths of it. Scar and Mufasa. From the same bloodline… the same family… yet so fastly different. One a kind, compassionate lion living in the Pridelands… King of the Pride, father to …

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R.I.P. Little Mouse

I walked down the stairs to begin my day and almost lost last night’s meal right then and there. The smell was SO bad.   Running through the Rolodex in my brain to pinpoint what would cause this smell I came to only one conclusion… A. Dead. Mouse. Fast forward several hours later… Bins and totes …

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My Lofty Goal for 2020

A few months ago I made a BIG claim on Facebook…on October 16th to be exact. If you don’t remember (or didn’t see it)  here it is: —————————————————  ————————————————————— And since then I’ve been hustling and bustling trying to get everything in place. It’s not quite all set up but it’s close. IT’S. SO. CLOSE. You’ll …

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Funnels AKA Relationships

Funnels. Funnels. Funnels. That’s all I’m hearing lately. Or more specifically… “My funnel isn’t converting!” “How do I get my funnel to convert?” “What’s wrong with my funnel?” “Nobody’s going through my funnel!” ————————————————————— If you think about funnels in terms of relationships it’s easy to understand why your funnel isn’t converting. There’s a list …

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Funnel Predator

Just got out of a meeting with a potential client and something he said made me shake my head… ____________________ “People go through a course and immediately start selling their services for it. Charging a fair bit of money only to either not finish the project because they don’t know how to or because the …

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Computer 1, Faith 0

It was “Hotseat Friday” in Rachel Pedersen’s high ticket mastermind – The Clique… and my slot was 9-9:30am sharp. I had been waiting for this day to arrive for weeks… highlighted it on my calendar… put it in my phone… even marked myself unavailable for the whole 4-hour call. This call was going to change …

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A Hole Deep In Mud

And just like that I was a**hole deep in mud! I’d been flirting with this same patch of “soft grass” all summer long… almost getting caught several times. This time… I wasn’t so lucky. Aaaaaannnnnd it wasn’t gonna take a rocket scientist to see I was gonna need some help getting this beast of a …

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