Have Faith, Will Travel

I’m Faith, and I’m glad you’re here… it’s hard to describe me in just a few words, but here goes.

I’m first and foremost a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I’m a green goddess who can make plants and gardens so happy they practically serenade me. I’m a canner, prepper, crafter, and have a deep curiosity about most everything. 

I’m an online serial entrepreneur extraordinaire, and an ace at funnel building and marketing. I’m also a podcaster, author and soon-to-be publishing maven (more on that to come).

To be blunt, I’m a force of nature.

I’m also a woman who’s tread through hell and back… first by losing my beloved daughter named Kassondra… and then my precious granddaughter Peyton 5 years later, both to freak car accidents.

I’ve battled my way through the darkness, back to healing and joy… while still feeling the sting and scars of those whom I have cherished… and lost.

I’m on a journey now to help other women who are also grieving achieve wholeness from their brokenness… and change the way we converse about dying, death, grief and even the nature of reality itself.

Will you please join me?

Turn Your Baggage Into Building Blocks

Those bags you carry don’t have to weigh you down or be a burden. Instead, you can turn them into the foundation on which you can build a whole new life.

But in order to do that, you have to put them down long enough to look at them, understand them, and ultimately arrange them in a way where they aren’t hindering you.

I’ve had to do that in my own life… because if I hadn’t shed the mountain of suitcases I was schlepping around and let them fall onto the pavement, there’s a good chance I’d be buried under them.

Once I did, I discovered my calling to help other women release their baggage, flip the script on the “right way” to heal from unfathomable loss, and to escape the black hole that grieving can morph into if you let it.

Are you ready to drop those bags?

Hear Stories of How Others Have Released Their Grief

We’ve been taught to avoid talking about grief our entire lives.

Like the idea itself is something to be shuttered away in a disappointment room, filled with all kinds of life’s sharp objects, too painful to even whisper their names.

Well, I’m tired of that narrative.

Frankly, it sucks. And it serves no purpose, least of all women or really anyone who’s grieving.

That’s one reason I created the Release Grief Podcast.

I interview all kinds of individuals with unfiltered and raw stories of loss and hard-won healing. People who were broken, with dreams turned to ash… only to rise like a phoenix because they refused to give up hope.

From light workers to stay at home moms, everyone on my podcast has an amazing story to tell and lessons to impart to us.

Join me as I journey with you through the lens of the incredible people I interview.

What Other Movers and Shakers Say About Working with Faith…

If you want to be successful you need FAITH! Mrs.MinnesotaPrime, because of her, I chose to shine and OWN IT!✨ I’ve been following her journey since Nationals, [Grief, Life, your excuses etc.] makes it hard to MOVE FORWARD as an ENTREPRENEUR,
She de-cluttered my ideas, assisted me in choosing a focus, and followed up with RESOURCES and EXAMPLES/EXPERIENCE!!! 💁🏾‍♀️ Patient, efficient, with tact just to name a few! She’s passionate about her work and her clients, I felt heard, seen, encouraged and celebrated! When her passion meets your purpose = SUCCESS it’s possible with Faith, OWN IT!
Erica Symone
Ms. Illinois Prime 2024
Faith’s book helped me understand I am not alone in grief. I felt like I wasn’t the only one having the emotions and feelings I did towards grief after the loss of both of my grandparents within a year apart. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, Faith! You will surely touch many!
Donna Bragg
2024 Faith Sage |