Have you ever looked at professional basketball stars that just won the NBA title and thought “man they’re good, too bad they didn’t have a coach to help them be better??

Heck no!

You know one of the only reasons they won that championship title was because of their coach.

Plus hard work, team effort and all the other qualities that go into that high level of coaching.

Your business is no different.

To hit higher revenue goals and grow into a multimillion dollar company, shatter glass ceilings, win awards, etc you need excellent coaches along the way.

No one gets to the top without help.

Just a fact.

And today, Day 6 of the 13 Days of Halloween, recognizes that by offering a group funnel coaching membership for only $67 a month.

This is my very lowest group coaching package but the price will double at 10pm tonight so better skeedadle on over to: while you can.

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