Wasting 4-6 hours a day on this?

When I attended culinary college from May 2012 – April 2013 one of the things I was most scared to make was bread.

Now I could whip up a 3D cake like nobody’s business but for some reason, I was petrified to make bread.

Maybe it was the fact the yeast can be temperamental.

Or that there’s like a million steps involved.

Even that there are multiple different recipes and I didn’t want to waste 4-6 hours on each recipe to find the very best one.

But when I attended culinary college for patisserie I had to take a breads class.

And each day we made bread.

Multiple types of bread too.


Sourdough rye.


Classic french loaf.

Margarita pizza from scratch even.

It was an amazing class and I learned so much.

But what I learned most was that if I had an instructor to help me along my journey then I couldn’t fail.

I was setting myself up for success each and every time.

And that’s what today’s 13 Days of Halloween special will do for you too.

The Sketch Funnel Templates are easy and simple to use. I’ve already done the work for you… you just need to plug in your information.

That’s it.

Grab em right here: https://faithsage.net/day8-funnel-sketch-templates

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