How long should a funnel be?

Received this question recently…

“How long should a funnel be?”

And my answer is always the same.

I heard a few years back, mentioned by Ben Settle, that the length of copy should be like a woman’s skirt.

Meaning, it should be long enough to cover the details but short enough to get attention.

The same is true for funnels.

If your funnel is too long people won’t bother looking at it, they’ll get bored and leave.

But if it’s too short they won’t get their questions answered, think you’re trying to scam them or any other host of things and bolt faster than Usain.

Which brings me to the main point…

In less than 20 minutes the Group Funnel Coaching is gonna bolt at the insane price of $67 a month.

And includes: monthly trainings, live Q & A’s, active community and various expert trainings.

Here’s the link:

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