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Navigating the storm

“It’s best to make camp before the storm arrives,” the DNR guide said to us. We noticed the clouds beginning to roll in and had even been warned by the outfitting company we rented the canoes from there was a storm rolling in… we just didn’t think it would take us this long to find …

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What will your story be?

Sitting here thinking about the future when I’m 92 and wondering what stories will I tell the grandkids and great-grandkids? Will it be all the stuff I shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn’t do? You know the stuff… the things you shied away from because of time, money or fear? I’ve had my fair share of …

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Funnel Mise en place

In culinary college, they had this saying “mise en place.” And it meant – everything in its place. Every morning when we arrived with our ginormous bags filled to the brim with all our “extra” stuff. Since I was in the patisserie program we needed a lot of extra stuff. Once we got in the classroom, we’d …

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the highlight reel

Social media is going off the deep end lately. With posts such as… So and so cheated on their spouse… So and so is getting divorced… So and so is a republican… So and so is a democrat… So and so supports BLM… So and so doesn’t support BLM… So and so passed away… So …

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Axed by my mentor

Several years ago I hired my first mentor. It was a barter-like scenario… they’d teach me what I wanted to know and in return, I’d do some office type work for them. Everything was going good until they decided to switch up their business model and instead of coaching 1:1 they went to group coaching. …

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