Do you need “permission” before you do this?

It’s difficult to know when to take advantage of offers and when to let them pass you by…

Case in point…

A marketer I really admire launched a new book recently.

It was more on the pricey side but was offering a discount… for a week only.

Their marketing was really on point and they had been emailing about it all week.

I really wanted this book and had it all cued up to purchase… I mean my credit card was filled in and all I had to do was hit the purchase button.

It was packed full of ideas and knowledge and real-world experience from a real grade-A marketer on the direction of where I wanted to take my business.

But again it was on the pricey side.

So I decided to ask my hubby for “permission” to purchase this book.

Not sure why because that’s not usually how I roll so I’m putting it down as a moment of weakness.

Anyway, I didn’t purchase that book.

And the deadline passed and I didn’t get the book.


Now I’m over here kicking myself because I really wanted that book…

It’s the same thing with the Shoutout on Social Media…

In less than 40 minutes the deadline to purchase it will expire and I really don’t know when (or if) I’ll ever offer it again.

So if you’re on the fence, nows the time to jump…

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