I’m not ready right now…

“I’ve thought about writing a book, not sure if I’m ready to do it right now though”

Got this message from a list subscriber yesterday.

She reached out to me and stated her concerns about the upcoming challenge beginning November 9th and ending November 30th.

But I gotta tell ya…

I was in the same boat, just like her.

Writing a book is a daunting challenge.

That’s why I decided to have people join me in the process… included designated writing times… expert guest speakers like Ben Settle who’s been through the process like a million times… live Q&A’s… and a community of like-minded people with a goal to write a book.

I want to set not only myself up for success but those who join me as well.

Look, you can pay the minimal fee of $97 join the challenge and not show up to do the work. Just keep saying you’re writing a book but never actually get to the writing part.

Or you can invest the $97 join the challenge and finally write your damn book.

It’s simple…

End 2020 with the book you’ve been promising yourself for how long…?

The deadline to join ends November 9th at midnight.


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