Have you ticked this off your 2020 bucket list yet?

It’s November 1st and I just gotta say holy freakin moly this year is flying by.

At the beginning of every year I create a bucket list of items I want to accomplish for that year.

I set the bar high and aim for the stars.

Because otherwise what’s the point?

I usually have a mix of business and personal and as I navigate this yearly bucket list I am amazed at how much I actually accomplish and then some.

So on my bucket list for this year there were things like…

  • Family vacation CHECK
  • Cruise to the Bahamas (that one was doused early on) NOPE
  • Camping up north CHECK
  • Finish 3 existing projects in the house CHECK
  • Electronic free weekend CHECK
  • Maintain a budget @ least 6 consecutive months of the year CHECK
  • And several more some I’ve hit and some not quite yet.

But there’s one that’s always on the back of my mind and don’t put on my list.

Not sure why.

But I decided I needed to give it precedence this year.

It’s really beginning to weigh on me that I keep saying I’m going to do it but then never do.

And that’s to write a book.

I’ve been saying it for years… but up to this point I never have.

Are you in the same boat as me?

Always saying you’re going to write a book but then find a million reasons why you haven’t gotten it done?

Well guess what?!

Imma write a book this year.

And more specifically I’m gonna write it in November.

And I though maybe you might wanna join me…

But before you say yay or nay here’s the deets.

  • It’ll run from November 9th-30th
  • There will be live Q&A’s each week
  • There will be expert guest speakers that know a think or two about book writing, publishing, editing, ect
  • There will be dedicated write alongs
  • It’ll be in a private group setting
  • It’ll cost $97 (that way you have some skin in the game and be more likely to finish)
  • And it’ll be a TON of fun

Not to mention how proud of yourself you’ll be when the end of November rolls around and you actually have a first draft book done.

I know I will be!

Here’s the link if’n you’re interested in knocking that item off your bucket list or you just have a hankering to write that book you keep saying you’re going to.


PS. The guest expert lineup is off the charts good! One of them just launched their latest book with a price tag of $1001.

I know I’m excited to hear all about it and how to replicate the process for myself.

PPS. I also want to clarify… this will be a very fast-paced type of challenge. I don’t like challenges that give me too much time to think because then I start doubting myself. I just want to get the outline done and the words on the paper… you know a first draft. So if you aren’t able to handle that type of pressure then please don’t join.


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