How to write books faster than most people change their underwear

Conferences have all but came to a screeching halt this year.

No chatting with other attendees.

No mingling with the representatives.

No staying at expensive hotels and resorts.

And no listening to amazing speakers live.

Virtual just isn’t the same… but there are a few perks to the whole virtual scene.

And that’s getting expert guests on your shows, social platforms and summits… it’s much easier right now because they aren’t jet setting around the globe.

Case in point… my upcoming November Book Club – you, me, and several others will each write a first draft book of our choosing.

Effectively checking that box beside “write a book in 2020”.

Anyway, there will dedicated write-alongs, where we’ll meet at specific times and spend an hour writing our books.  There are several of these write-alongs scheduled and of course they aren’t mandatory just an option.

Live Q&A sessions, you’ve got questions and I’ve got answers (or I know someone who does).

Minimal fee to participate, this is to make sure you don’t just push it to the side (like all the times before) and actually work on your book. An investment in yourself is a commitment to you and something you’ll take more seriously.

And guest experts, look I’m new to this whole book writing process just as much as you are maybe even newer… so I started asking around for experts on the subject and lo and behold… remember the whole getting experts to chat with you easier?

Well, the first guest expert for the November Book Club (as I alluded to yesterday) just launched a book for $1001.

He has built a horde of followers that faithfully buy his product (or affiliate products) just because he says so. Because he doesn’t just recommend anyone and his methodologies actually work.

This latest book is like his 25th book (or something like that)… don’t quote me, I have quite a few of his books but not all of them.

He’s written fiction and non-fiction books, his Zombie Cop trilogy is quite good.

And he’s invested tens of thousands… if not millions on his latest adventure of bringing his publishing house vision to life.

And this guest expert is none other than Ben Settle.

So for just a paltry $97 you can listen to Ben talk all about his self-publishing model, how he whips out books faster than most people change their underwear AND how he can command $1001 for a business book.

I know I’m sure excited to hear all about it.

Are you?

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