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Are you sleeping on the job?

Teaching my granddaughter how to do simple addition and subtraction. Her school is teaching her some weird way to group to ten then find the leftovers and add them together [...]
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HELP!!! MY FUNNEL’S BROKEN AND I DON’T KNOW WHERE!!! So many times people come to me with that phrase. And I can see the despair and deflation on their face [...]
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So owls eat people?

Have you ever been camping? Just decided to pitch a tent with the family and get back to nature? And then darkness falls and the world turns into a completely [...]
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A rag to behold all rags!

The November edition of The Funnel Manifest is devoted entirely to how to get your prospects to move through your funnel, what causes them to stop and where to send [...]
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Did someone say newsletter?

One of THE BEST investments I ever did invest in was a paid monthly newsletter… all about email marketing and business. Each month during the first week I would receive [...]
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What Other Movers and Shakers Say About Working with Faith…

If you want to be successful you need FAITH! Mrs.MinnesotaPrime, because of her, I chose to shine and OWN IT!✨ I’ve been following her journey since Nationals, [Grief, Life, your excuses etc.] makes it hard to MOVE FORWARD as an ENTREPRENEUR,
She de-cluttered my ideas, assisted me in choosing a focus, and followed up with RESOURCES and EXAMPLES/EXPERIENCE!!! 💁🏾‍♀️ Patient, efficient, with tact just to name a few! She’s passionate about her work and her clients, I felt heard, seen, encouraged and celebrated! When her passion meets your purpose = SUCCESS it’s possible with Faith, OWN IT!
Erica Symone
Ms. Illinois Prime 2024
Faith’s book helped me understand I am not alone in grief. I felt like I wasn’t the only one having the emotions and feelings I did towards grief after the loss of both of my grandparents within a year apart. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, Faith! You will surely touch many!
Donna Bragg
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