Are you sleeping on the job?

Teaching my granddaughter how to do simple addition and subtraction.

Her school is teaching her some weird way to group to ten then find the leftovers and add them together and finally you’ll get to the answer.

Or something like that.

And so as we were working on homework I realized she wasn’t able to focus.

So I simply asked her “do you need to take a nap?” and her reply was yes.

Sometimes we aren’t really sure what we need and are only running off of what we expect other’s want from us.

I could see it in her eyes that she wasn’t retaining anything we were working on.

So she snuggled up on the sofa, closed her eyes and fell instantly asleep.

Anyway, like my granddaughter in 45 minutes, the 1-hour consultation goes night-night.

Here’s the link:

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