Did someone say newsletter?

One of THE BEST investments I ever did invest in was a paid monthly newsletter… all about email marketing and business.

Each month during the first week I would receive this manilla envelope sized package and I would immediately rush to my office and rip it open, hardly containing myself to see what the contents were.

Sometimes there were books that would provide another layer to my business other times there would be inserts to other various smarter-than-me business experts inside.

But included in each and every packet was the “main course”… the newsletter itself.

And it was from that monthly hold-in-your-hand newsletter I decided to create my own paid newsletter subscription.

I wanted something that subscribers could receive in the mail and take actual notes on.

I wanted to put items (books, inserts, cheat sheets, templates, etc) that I thought would be valuable to my readers.

I wanted to share my love of funnels and marketing with those who love funnels and marketing as well.

I wanted to share the good, the bad and the ugly funnels too!

So I created The Funnel Manifest.

My version of the paid newsletter subscription I received.

And I want to share it with you.

Act today before 10 pm central time and you can get your very own subscription to The Funnel Manifest for only $77 a month instead of my normal $97 per month fee.

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!

It also includes free shipping.

That’s right, if you subscribe to The Funnel Manifest before 10 pm central time tonight you’ll not only get it for the low price of $77 per month but you’ll also get FREE shipping!

Better hurry though… the clock is ticking.

Grab your subscription with the link below.


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