So owls eat people?

Have you ever been camping?

Just decided to pitch a tent with the family and get back to nature?

And then darkness falls and the world turns into a completely different version of what you knew in the daylight.

What with the owls hooting, the bugs buzzing, and the coyotes howling… you’ll be lucky if get any sleep.

Your mind going completely off the deep end and you start asking yourself…

  • Do bears roam this area?
  • Did I put the food away?
  • Are the kids eating in their tent again?
  • What do I do if the coyote’s attack?
  • How many coyotes hunt together?
  • Do I sacrifice myself or one of the kids if they do?
  • Are those really bugs or some sort of infestation that will eat my brain?
  • I don’t think I brought enough bug spray…
  • How many nights are we staying?
  • Do owls eat people?
  • Or just rodents?
  • How far is it to the nearest hotel?
  • How can I persuade the kids to want to leave?
  • Will they know if I just sleep in the truck?

OMG why won’t they just SHUT UP ALREADY?!?!

The same happens in your business when you take on the task of building a funnel.

Before you jump in (camping) the idea of building your own funnel seems so beautiful, so perfect, so easy.

But then darkness falls and you’re elbow deep in the design and the integrations and the copy and the pages… what follows what again? that you begin to lose self-esteem, confidence and wonder why you’re even in business in the first place.

All your hard work, frustrations and angry outbursts have finally paid off… and you have a funnel.

You launch your funnel and crickets… you even paid for advertising and crickets…

You’ve double-checked it about a million times and everything works and looks great but clearly, something is wrong.

The 21-Point Funnel Inspection can help you with that and you can purchase it at any time BUT for the next 45 minutes, you can get it for a whopping $900 off.

Here’s the link:

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