Why a medical specialist isn’t really qualified to help you…

I was speaking with an ER Doctor the other day and she brought up a few points I’d like to share…

1. Not all doctors have emergency life-saving skills
2. The further down the niche-hole the medical specialist goes the less of all the other skills they have.

Meaning if they are a pediatric neurosurgeon that’s only what they are.

They only perform brain surgery on children.

Not heart surgery.

Not eye surgery.

They’re not gonna diagnose you with pneumonia.

They’re not gonna do brain surgery on adults.

They’re only gonna perform brain surgery and then only on children.

Which makes them extremely essential in their field but worthless in another.

Take a family practice lawyer for example.

Family Practice covers divorce, child & spousal support, child custody and domestic violence.

They’re not qualified to handle tax law, or adoption, or small claims, or murder trials or a multitude of other areas of expertise.
They’re not qualified anymore.

The years and years and most likely decades it took them to be at the level they are is incredible.

They had to eat, sleep and breathe whatever their chosen profession is to become the “go-to” expert in their field.

Plus the continued education they have to have each and every year is astounding.

Same goes for digital marketing.

Take my services for example… building & optimizing sales funnels.

I’m highly qualified to build, diagnose, integrate, write copy for and optimize sales funnels.

And even though I’ve been in the digital marketing game since 2014 I didn’t start specializing in funnels until roughly 2016.

And why does all this matter?

Because sometimes all you need is 1-hour of someone else’s time to solve your problem.

Take Nichole Howson for example.

“HEY! Remember that funnel you helped me with that was sending out an email for the paid offer without them paying? I followed the same steps that we used for the last one to prevent it from happening, but it’s sending out the email prematurely again… Can I book a consult with you to have you look at it?”

We hopped on a call and got her funnel all squared away in under an hour and she paid full price for it.

But, during the 13 Days of Halloween, I’m offering a 1-hour consultation for a hefty $100 off the normal price but only until tonight, Friday, October 23 at 10 pm CST.

Here’s the link: https://faithsage.net/day5-one-hour-consultation
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