who peed in your funnel-o’s?

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth we began building our family.

My husband (now ex) and I already had a son and I was pregnant with our second child.

I decided it might be a good idea to have our 2-year-old son potty trained before the second child made an appearance.

I really didn’t want two children in diapers.

Just thinking about lugging 2 diaper bags around or even combining everything into one just seemed like a nightmare!

So the process began.

But every time I sat him on the toilet he screamed and screamed flailing his arms trying to get down… pee going everywhere.

So I thought well that’s not bueno and purchased a little kids potty chair with all the bells and whistles.

Oh he played with it all right… but never to potty in just the bells and whistles.

He’d actually stand there playing with the potty chair and pee his pants.

Let’s just I was frustrated and fed up with this whole potty training stuff… it was NOT going as I imagined.

In my mind, I imagined he’d want to be a big boy and stop wearing pullups, get to wear his favorite superhero underwear, and all the freedom that comes with being able to go potty on your own.

Boy was I wrong.

Instead, I needed to get to his level and think like a 2-year-old.

I needed to make it fun to go potty.

And then I remembered something someone told me when they were potty training their son.  

It involved Cheerios and a step stool… so off to the store I went.

Here’s how the new potty training regiment went.

  1. sprinkle a few Cheerios in the toilet
  2. have him aim and pee on said Cheerios
  3. slowly stop using Cheerios
  4. in no time flat he was potty trained

Worked like a charm and within 2 weeks he was potty trained… at least during the day anyway.

How does this apply to your business?

Well, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat (or potty train a boy), and doing business and building funnels is no different.

Maybe you tried building a funnel before but didn’t’ really understand how everything went together.  

Or maybe you purchased a template and did everything they instructed you to do but then crickets when you launched.

Or maybe you took a course and they had everything in it but it went too fast and you weren’t able to keep up.  

Or maybe you just need a different instructor.

Enter my course – The Funnel Playground – where I’ll walk a select few registrants through building a funnel, launching it, tweaking it and relaunching it.

The party begins Tuesday, September 1st at 3pm sharp.

If you want in the tap the link here: www.TheFunnelPlayground.com

But I gotta warn you though…

  • I’ll only be taking 20-25 people max
  • It will live and I’m pretty crazy
  • There will be 2-3 sessions per week
  • There will be guest appearances
  • Live Q&A’s to ask your burning questions
  • Private community to learn the fine art of funnels
  • Minimally priced for this first round

If this sounds horrible to you then adios amigo – see ya later!

But if this sounds like something you need in your life to take your business (or your clients’ business) to the next level then here’s the link again…


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