The lemons of life… or is it margaritas?

Sometimes life gives us lemons and sometimes life gives us margaritas…. 

This last week I was given a basket full of lemons. 

And it’s up to me what to do (or make) with them. 

Let me explain…

Four days ago my Mom informed me she had Leukemia, she herself just found out one day before that.  

Now with this information we had two options: 

  1. We could shut down and cry and scream at the injustice of the world or…
  2. We could take a moment to plot our attack and find a treatment that was perfect for her.

We chose option #2. 

We’re a tough crowd and she’s a tough old bird. 

How does this relate to your business? 

Well honestly, it doesn’t except that if you’re choosing a funnel builder make sure they’re not the type to shut up shop when the going gets tough.

Make sure they always have a backup of the backup plan. 

And make sure they know you’re in it for the long haul… an “in it to win it” type of person. 

And when you’re ready to make margaritas out of the lemons you’ve been handed go ahead and click this link: 

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