Still sucking the teat of your (funnel) master?

They say a real funnel Guru or Master (of anything) teaches you everything they know, wants you to succeed far beyond where they are, have an open mind and understand there is always more to learn.  

“A man should first direct himself in the way he should go. Only then should he instruct others”. – Gautam Buddha

Sounds pretty legit. 

Why would anyone teach or instruct someone else in an area they haven’t achieved greatness in? 

Sounds kinda silly when you say it out loud… but it’s happening en mass these days. 

So what happens when you fall for the charms of the crappy master? 

The ones who…

  • Never quite give you all the pieces to the puzzle…
  • Make you feel stupid so you keep coming back to them for answers…
  • Take your ideas and pass them off as their own…
  • Believe they are the “know all be all” in their universe…
  • Don’t need to continue learning…

Driving you and your creative knowledge into the ground so they can sit a little straighter and proudly beat their chest chanting “they would be nothing without me!”. 

Can we just pump the brakes for a hot minute? 

First of all if you’re in a situation like that, get out before you spend all your hard earned dough on someone who cares nothing for you, your business or your vision and keeping firmly attached to their teat like life support. 

Ain’t nobody got time for a-holes like that.

“He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is communicating” – Swami Vivekananda

If you’re looking for someone to communicate how funnels work, including the psychology behind them, the copy in them and all the integrations… then you’re in luck as I’ve created an 8-week course – The Funnel Playground – where I’ll be taking approximately 25-30 people (who are sick and tired of the crappy crop of “funnel masters” out there who don’t have a clue about how to teach people to be independent thinkers and keeping them all firmly attached to their teats) through my style of building funnels… and not just building funnels but building funnels with personality.

And I haven’t even gotten into all the “extras” or bonuses, if you will such as… 

  • Weekly Q & A’s
  • Funnel wireframes
  • Live trainings
  • Private Facebook group

And did I mention there would be leaders in the industry speaking each week?

No…? well, there will be. 

Leaders in Facebook ads, creating social media content, getting visible online, business building, graphics, etc.

I wanted to create something that would help people actually learn the skill of building funnels not leave them with empty pockets wondering what they paid for. 

So here’s the rub: 

The door to join closes promptly at midnight on August 31st and we will begin this journey at 3 pm on Tuesday, September 1st, so whoever is in at that time will be the only ones going through the course. 

There will be no late entries to this party. 

Nope. Homie don’t play that game!

I know there’s a marketing technique where you say something along the lines of “I received so many emails asking for an extension so I’m opening the doors for another 24 hours”… or “due to the overwhelming response, I received last night I’m opening the doors for another 24hours”…

Sorry buttercup but it ain’t happening with this course. 

The deadline to enter is August 31st and we start promptly at 3 pm September 1st.

If you want in here’s the link:

2024 Faith Sage |