“That’s gotta be a campsite!”

According to our map, which was just a topographical one and as long as we were reading it correctly was a campsite straight ahead. 

But still about 150 yards from shore… but we had been fooled multiple times before by being unsure of how to read the map and getting lost in which coastline we were following. 

With the storm quickly moving in, the whitecaps starting to crash over the sides of the canoe and the rain pelting us with missile-like precision we were praying it was a campsite. 

But out here – in the middle of nowhere – it was hard to tell. 

There were no signs… no markings… no nothing… 

Except nature. 

So finding an actual campsite was tricky. 

You had to “read” the map and pay close attention to the natural curve of coastline. 

The inlets, the islands, the portages, all these were your “guides” to get you where you wanted to go on the map. 

But we needed to make camp… and we needed to make camp now. 

The storm seemed to be guiding us to this very spot.  

And right now we were sitting ducks… two canoes, three people in each on a lake with a mission to capsize us.

We were pushing our luck with each passing minute.

So we paddled ashore and checked out the area.

This is where a lot of business owners are at with their funnels.

Cruising along in their business… no cares, no worries just letting the funnel do the work.  

And the funnel is working perfectly… sales are coming in nicely and everything is going as planned. 

But suddenly the scenery starts to change… there’s a storm brewing.

The online world is a finicky place and what once worked in your funnel isn’t working anymore. 

Sales are down. Emotions are high. And suddenly you find yourself needing to hire a funnel builder and make camp (find stable ground). 

But you don’t know which direction to head in or where the coastline is and finding a campsite (funnel builder) is treacherous. 

Here’s the deal…

Navigating the digital marketing space is treacherous at best and downright deadly at worst. 

And finding a good funnel builder is even more difficult. 

I know… that’s why I became one.

But like with anything in life… you must choose your path. 

And finding a funnel builder is no different. 

The only advice I can offer is: 

Due your due diligence and check qualifications, previous work, and testimonials.

Other than that enjoy the ride and make sure you’re wearing your life vest. 

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If not, there’s plenty more fishies in the pond. 

Either way, have a most glorious day.


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