Axed by my mentor

Several years ago I hired my first mentor.

It was a barter-like scenario… they’d teach me what I wanted to know and in return, I’d do some office type work for them.

Everything was going good until they decided to switch up their business model and instead of coaching 1:1 they went to group coaching.

Not a bad choice… I was just pretty partial to the arrangement we had.

And at first, I was pretty bummed. I had a pretty sweet gig going.

But as time went on and I thought about my first mentor I realized I had a lot of growing to do both in my business and in my headspace.

You see back then I just wanted someone to hand me the “magic piece” to the business puzzle.  

Back then I was only focused on working in my business not on my business.

Back then I just wanted someone to save me all the time, sweat and tears… I just wanted a business.

And I wanted that business to make a ton of money and would allow me to travel whenever and to wherever I wanted.

I wasn’t thinking about clients… mindset… or honing my craft…

I just wanted the good life without the trials and tribulations that go along with it.

But I soon realized when my mentor cut the proverbial apron strings that that wasn’t how business went.

And I needed to either pony up and dig in or pack it up and hightail it outta there.

Today I’m super grateful that mentor switched up their coaching program.

Today I revel in the journey.

Today I know what the “magic piece” to the business puzzle is and I can tell you it isn’t magical.

It’s hard work, determination, and continual growth.

It’s having hard conversations with clients, contractors, and associates.

It’s saying no to a pretty sweet business opportunity because it doesn’t align with where I’m at right now.

And it’s being comfortable with the best parts of who I am AND the not so best ones.

So yeah, it really does work out in the end… but I am FAR from done.

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