Funnel Predator

Just got out of a meeting with a potential client and something he said made me shake my head…


“People go through a course and immediately start selling their services for it.

Charging a fair bit of money only to either not finish the project because they don’t know how to or because the client realizes their mistake and gets rid of them.” -name withheld by courtesy of potential client.


I call these people predators.

In this specific case funnel predators.

Hunting their prey with skilled precision… but instead of completing the job, they just wound the client and make them gun shy for the next person trying to actually help them.

They begin by learning key words to make you think they know what they’re talking about and to trust them. They feed off this ability to command a situation.

And they know they have to charge a premium to be “seen” as an expert in the field.

Oh, they’ve done their research and know their prey well.

The only thing they don’t know is how to actually complete the task.

But the end result is always the same with this type of funnel predator…

The client is left holding the bag and out sometimes thousands of dollars with no converting funnel to be had.  

The same is true yesterday, today and tomorrow… treat the customer as a long term investment instead of an ATM and you’ll never want for money again.  

But the flip side is every customer needs to do their due diligence and actually dig into the freelancer and look at their results. Don’t just take their word for it.

But I digress…

If you’ve been assaulted by one of these funnel predators and have a funnel that’s half-way done or one that’s just not converting go ahead and grab an appointment for a funnel critique.

It’ a 2-hour in-depth assessment of your funnel going through your headlines, design, copy, and whatever else we can pack into those 2 hours. Plus you get a copy of the entire conversation so you can go back and pick out the pertinent info later if you need to.

There’s no B.S. just straight forward advice and suggestions to get your funnel up and running and converting.

Here’s what Tereza Toledo said about my funnel critiques:

“Faith is a FUNNEL MASTER and is my first choice for anything funnel related!

She’s highly skilled and knows exactly how to build a powerful funnel that will convert!”

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