Computer 1, Faith 0

It was “Hotseat Friday” in Rachel Pedersen’s high ticket mastermind – The Clique… and my slot was 9-9:30am sharp.

I had been waiting for this day to arrive for weeks… highlighted it on my calendar… put it in my phone… even marked myself unavailable for the whole 4-hour call.

This call was going to change my life and the life of my business. I could feel it!

At about 8:58 I get a message to get in queue for our call… and guess what?

My computer wasn’t cooperating.  

My audio was on the blink… but it was working just moments before.

We tried for about 10 minutes to get my audio working but it just wasn’t happening.


I could see all my dreams being washed away… obviously with no sound though.

Like any good leader, she moved on to the next person in line at their slotted time after asking me to be the last hotseat of the day.

To say I was bummed would be a complete understatement!

I was so bummed about not being the first person in the “magic chair” but I continued listening to all the gold she was dropping with each person.

And let me tell you… it was GOOD!

Anyway, I asked to test my audio out in between hotseats in preparation for mine at the end. You know… just to make sure it would work.

And guess what? Still no such luck.

No matter what I did or tried a hotseat was NOT going to happen for me today.

Sum it up to say: Computer 1, Faith 0

But even though I didn’t get to be in the spotlight doesn’t mean you can’t.

I’ve got a few spots open for a 2-hour Sales Funnel Strategy call where we’ll take a deep dive into your funnels… look at your optin… your copy… your follow-up… going over each piece until they’re all sorted out. Giving you clarity, peace of mind and that ahhhhh moment you’ve been waiting for.   

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Chat soon,


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