Funnels AKA Relationships

Funnels. Funnels. Funnels.

That’s all I’m hearing lately.

Or more specifically…

“My funnel isn’t converting!”

“How do I get my funnel to convert?”

“What’s wrong with my funnel?”

“Nobody’s going through my funnel!”


If you think about funnels in terms of relationships it’s easy to understand why your funnel isn’t converting.

There’s a list of steps that need to be taken in ANY relationship before hitting the jackpot, rounding home, nailing it, getting some or any other way of saying having coitus.

Here’s the 5 things I ALWAYS include in every funnel:

     1. Captivating Headline – this is the hook that draws them in… whether it’s the cheesy 1-liner, the thoughful gesture, whatever you’re using to catch their attention use it. Probably best to make sure it’s super specific and straight to the point though… Nobody likes a smooth talker, nobody.

     2. Introduction – the mini about you section. This is where you tell them about why you’re there… the details about whatever it is you’re offering. How many years it’s taken you to get this far… all the yogis you trained under to accomplish xyz. This is NOT the time to brag or boast – otherwise they’ll go to someone else to get their needs met.

     3. Connect With Them – similar to the about section but different. This is where you align with them. You find a pain-point or a problem that’s keeping them awake at night and you agree with them on it. You take their side against the mean ole bully and connect with them bringing them closer to you in the process and closer to the final destination… the buy button.

     4. Turn Up The Heat – now you need to make them want you even more… you need some rocking testimonies! Call the bad boys your wingmen… strolling on in to seal the deal for you.

     5. Tap that *ss – aka the optin button. I mean c’mon they’re totally into you. They’ve followed you along this path… they got to know you and then they decided they liked what you were offering and chose to take the plunge.

Congratulations, need a cigarette after all that hard work?

Well, if you’re interested after all that… excitement. I’m offering my funnel critiques in case you only need a few pointers on your specific funnel.

They’re $499 for two hours of in-depth funnel massaging. We’ll go over everything in your funnel from top to bottom and everything in between. PLUS you’ll get the recording of the whole meeting so you can go back time after time and listen in to further tweak your funnel.

Here’s the link:

Chat soon,


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