Fiddles, Funnels & George Costanza

A few years ago I was invited to the country music capital of the world for a bachelorette party.

This one night, in particular, we stumbled upon a band with a phenomenal fiddler.

Like I think he came out of the womb with it…

Anyway, you could tell he knew what he was doing when it came to playing it and he wasn’t too shabby in the singing department either buuuuttt the looks department… well you wouldn’t exactly say he was handsome and tall with rugged good looks.

But he was definitely a performer and he knew exactly what to do to make the crowd go wild.

He commanded the audience and the band with precision and ease.

And they loved him for it.

He didn’t need good looks to get the ladies and he knew it.

He had found a backdoor way in… a backdoor way to get him everything he needed… recognition, contracts and nightly gigs.

How could this man who resembled George Costanza from Seinfeld have women flocking to him and men wanting to be him?

Well, I talk in great length about this very subject in the May edition of The Funnel Manifest – my $97/month newsletter all about sales funnels with this issue focusing specifically on…

How to get your prospects to follow you to the gates of hell and beyond to purchase whatever you’re peddlin’.

But the doors close April 30th at midnight and to be completely honest I don’t even have a sales page written yet so the link will take you straight to the purchase page.

A few words of caution before you head on over to purchase… I have a “No Refunds” policy that I strictly adhere to so if you’re just wanting to test it out like a K-Mart Blue Light Special and then submitting for a refund because it didn’t make you a millionaire by last Tuesday well… save your pennies and go somewhere else.

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