Why Your funnels ain’t picking up chicks

Funnels. Funnels. Funnels.

That’s all I’m hearing lately.

Or more specifically…

“My funnel isn’t converting!”

“How do I get my funnel to convert?”

“What’s wrong with my funnel?”

“Nobody’s going through my funnel!”

Funnels aren’t that difficult to understand… just think of them in terms of dating or relationships.

We’ve all dated at some point or another. Or been in an intimate relationship.

So if you think about your funnels the same way it’s easy to see diagnose your funnel and fix it.

See like funnels, relationships start out with an opening statement or question… maybe something like “You come here often?”, spoken by the true gentleman at the bar you decided to meet some friends at for the evening.

You give him the once over and think he seems pretty interesting so you take the bait and respond back.

Eventually, the “So what do you do?” question arises and you begin telling your condensed version of the Hollywood highlight reel and he does the same.

You know what I’m talking about… where you only tell all the best things about yourself.

At this point in the conversation, you’re still not quite sure about him but you keep chatting because hey… he doesn’t seem so bad and you’re still waiting for your friends to arrive.

And then something changes in the conversation.

You stumble upon an aligning factor. A “stick-it-to-the-man” situation or something equally uniting that gets you both fired up.

You’re both excitedly chatting away when all of a sudden your friends arrive and join in the conversation.

Telling stories about the “good ole days” and making you look like a legend.

Which apparently works… because by the time the evening ends… he asks for your number.

He wants to see you again. And as they say… “the rest is history!”

Funnels follow the same exact pattern.

But everyone gets them confused.

And just like with relationships if you get the steps out of order the whole thing goes downhill real fast.

You wouldn’t ask for her number at the beginning of the conversation… she’d bolt.

Just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, if you’re still not sure if you’re funnel is “relationship” quality go ahead and book a call.

But I’ll be completely honest with you though… the consults are kinda pricey and you’ll have to do most of the work but you’ll know for positive if your funnel is outta whack.

Here’s the link to book: https://calendly.com/faithsage/funnel-consult

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