The Day I almost died

So back when I was around 5 years old I had just graduated from swimming class.

I was so proud that I could now swim I wanted to show everyone.

We had family visiting and it was a super hot summer day so we went to the public pool.

It. Was. Busy.

So busy in fact that there were hardly any places to get in the pool at.

By today’s standards, it would definitely be overcrowded.

But back then it was completely normal.

Everyone was cooling off from the summer heat and having fun.

Now the family members I mentioned were about 21 or so years old.

Pretty much adults but they were my cousins and they’re male so are they ever really grown up?

Anyway, my family and I were taking a break from the water at a tiny table by the pool.

But I decided I was ready to head back in.

So I go straight to the deep end because… now I can swim.

And I jump in.

Now you might be thinking, “no worries she knows how to swim so all is good in the world.”

But it wasn’t.

The instant I jumped into the pool I completely forgot how to swim and started flailing… trying desperately to catch my breath and reach the side of the pool.

In that moment I just knew I was going to die and not a soul around me reached out to help.

For what felt like hours I continued to flail… trying so hard to catch a lung full of air just so I could continue the fight… and not die.

But then, all of a sudden, I went slicing through the water pulled to the surface.

And as I looked up to see who rescued me I realized two things.

1. Those around you will let you flail miserably without offering help and
2. Sometimes it takes a 21-year-old cousin running from across the pool area to save you when you need it most.   

I want to be that *cousin* for you… that lifeline when you need it most.

No I’m not a world-class lifeguard or a member of Bay Watch, heck I don’t even go to the pool anymore but what I can help you with is… funnels.

How to build them, integrate them, design them, and make them convert.

So I decided to create a support system for people building funnels.

It’s for people that have taken the courses, attended the hack-a-thons, read the articles, done the stuff but are still drowning in all the funnel details.

To give people hope that yeah they did take the course and they don’t have mastery in funnels but with practice and guidance they won’t be flailing anymore.

I’m thinking the price will be somewhere near $149 a month and it’ll include:

Weekly FB training on topics such as:

Funnel buildsIntegrationsDesignCopyOptimizationsList building
Weekly Funnel Hacking Session

Monthly Hot Seats

Monthly Q & A’s (might turn to weekly depending on need)

Access To Experts With Knowledge on:

  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Design
  • Integrations
  • Email
  • Systems & Operations


  • Private FB Group


How-To Vids

If this is something that interests you then just reply to this email and I’ll put you on the list… if not no big deal I’m sure you funnels are saving someone else.

But be forwarned because this idea is so brand new I don’t have a sales page, a checkout or anything yet…

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