Did you hear? I wrote a book!

I know I’m still in shock as well!

20+ other entrepreneurs and I have been secretly working on a co-authored book for months.

Months I tell ya.

The level of determination, heart, and perseverance that went into each and every authors journey is absolutely magical!  

A baring of the soul… a peek behind the curtain… of how and why we became entrepreneurs and decided to succeed against all odds.

Each one of us has a different story… a unique story, and we want to share it with you.

For some, this is the first time their story has been told for others it’s giving a deeper meaning into their why.

I’m telling you this because, for a limited time, we’ll be giving away copies for only 99 cents.

YES! For less than $1 you’ll be able to read how each of us overcame adversity in entrepreneurship to succeed.

We all have different goals.

We all have different why’s.

And we all have a story to share.

It is our pleasure to release this to the public for a limited time 99 cent promo TOMORROW!

So stay tuned, and I’ll let you know the link as soon as it’s live.

Talk soon,


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