A Hole Deep In Mud

And just like that I was a**hole deep in mud!

I’d been flirting with this same patch of “soft grass” all summer long… almost getting caught several times.

This time… I wasn’t so lucky.

Aaaaaannnnnd it wasn’t gonna take a rocket scientist to see I was gonna need some help getting this beast of a machine out… a commercial-grade lawn tractor that weighed about a million pounds by the look of the tracks I’d made.

Dammit… one more thing to add to my already mile-long list.

But I couldn’t leave her here like this… silently screaming for help.

So shutting off the machine I ran inside for help… someone willing to wade in the mud and muck to push me out.

The kicker… knowing they were gonna get spray-tanned with specks of mud but they’d also get a damn good laugh out of it… all at my expense.

After securing a willing soul eager to participate in this dastardly event… we began rocking the beast back and forth to get some momentum going but she just refused to budge.

With my bravado and courage fading fast, I was about to give up but my hero of a helper talked me into “just one more try” and lo and behold… we felt a budge, the beast was moving!

I immediately discarded the idea of planting flowers around the machine and making some sort of yard art out of it hoping my husband wouldn’t notice what I’d done to quickly turning my attention to fleeing the grip of the Mud Gods.

As the beast began to exit her muddy depths I found a new respect for seeking help in times of need, of asking them to “hold the laughter” until after the initial helping is over and to learn from the “incident” so I wouldn’t need the gentle reminder of asking in the first place.

I mean there’s definitely nothing wrong with asking but I’d rather not ask for help for the same damn problem time after time.

I should learn from my damn mistakes and move on to new ones. But I guess sometimes I just need a refresher. 😉

Why is it so hard to ask for help in the first place? Why do we bash our self-confidence when we hit a wall? Why do we feel less of a person all because we ask for something?

Would I have gotten the beast out on my own? Maybe… maybe not.

But I know for definite it would have taken me a lot longer to.

Anyway, here’s your link to help you out of the jam you might be in:


No judgment. No laughter. No spray-tan specks of mud.

Just honest-to-goodness help when you need it.

Chat soon,


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