A Scammer In The Midst

Found out today on the Facebooks that a so-called “niche expert” is actually a scam arteest…

She’s been honing her sleazy craft for a few years now. Separating people from their hard-earned money by promising them expensive wedding planning services and disappearing before the big event or charging them excessive amounts and if they refuse to pay it she’ll keep their deposits… essentially blackmailing them into giving her more money.

Now she’s taken her craft online to building sales funnels… in the CBD industry no less. 

Oh the injustice of it all!

A scammer online. How can it be?!

Well, let’s just be honest here ok?

You don’t really look into who you’re hiring to build your funnels, do you? I mean no one really does. We just take their word for it.

All their social proof, their carefully crafted samples, their case studies, everything is false.

But perception is reality and the scammers are great at making themselves look good.

Because no one digs deep enough (or at all) to find out if the person promising to help them is legit and not just in it for the money.

So moral of the story… do your own due diligence and know who you’re doing business with… even me.

And because ‘Tis The Season’ it’s something I discuss heavily in the November issue of The Funnel Manifest – Scam Artists & how to spot them a mile away – going to the printers on the 1st.

So get it before you can’t.

Here’s the link: www.TheFunnelManifest.com/order-now   

Chat soon,


P.S. Still working on the sales page but in the meantime go ahead and order from here: www.TheFunnelManifest.com/order-now

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