Still stuck in your funnel?

My oldest grandchild gets dropped off at our house during the school year.

And every afternoon she has the same routine… eat her snack and do her homework.

Since she’s only in 2nd grade I help her with her homework.

And the subject she hates the absolute most is reading.

Math she is picking up pretty well but reading…

Well, let’s just say she wants to never learn how to read, EVER! (like that’s a direct quote)

But alas we still work on reading… and writing.

So yesterday I showed her how to break the words down… to find words she knew inside the bigger words.

After she started looking like really looking at the words she started to understand them a little more and a little more.

Finally, she could read the paragraph without having to sound out each and every word.

But it wasn’t until she started looking for things she knew.

Business is the same way.

When you start out everything seems to be new and scary and you just don’t want to do it.

OR you’re not sure how to do it.

Or even other options.

But if you have a guide or a mentor that has been where you’re at it makes all the difference.

Now I’m not proposing you hire a mentor I saying you should snag Day 10’s special… a Hotseat Q&A.

During your hotseat there’ll be other industry experts such as: FB marketing, Social Media, Integrations, Copy, etc.

So while the problem you’re facing feels monstrous the best way to tackle it is with the help of someone who’s been there.

Snag your Hotseat right here (and it’s on sale for a ridiculously low price).

But you’ve only got until 10pm CST to claim it.

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