R.I.P. Little Mouse

I walked down the stairs to begin my day and almost lost last night’s meal right then and there.

The smell was SO bad.  

Running through the Rolodex in my brain to pinpoint what would cause this smell I came to only one conclusion… A. Dead. Mouse.

Fast forward several hours later…

Bins and totes and canned goods surrounded me… I was in the process of hunting down the cause of said odor when my mini-me busted in the room and stated the obvious.

While I was pretty sure my Rolodex was spot on and we were dealing with a dead mouse, I just wasn’t exactly sure where it was coming from.

But it smelled like the pantry (at least that’s where the odor got a whole lot stronger anyway), and since I decided we didn’t need the exterminator anymore, it was on me to hunt the body down…

So, holding my breath I quickly ran into the pantry and pulled out every item… every last pan, can and bin.

Hunting for the source of the smell.

**And just to note, it’s amazing how much stuff a pantry can hold!**

But I finally got to the very last item and… nothing.


I had just spent the last few hours moving everything from our (not so small) pantry to the kitchen hunting down this corpse only to find nothing!

I was beyond frustrated with my efforts and lack of ability to track down the stench but even more so that I had canceled the exterminator… my only hope of finding the cause of the odor and getting rid of it.

Was I doomed to smell it forever? Could I never invite anyone over to our house again? Was it healthy for us to breathe it?

All these questions flooded my mind at once.

So I did what any respectable homeowner would do… I burned it to the ground!

Just kidding, I lit candles, bought air fresheners and lived with the smell until it was gone. Days… maybe weeks… before I couldn’t detect the smell anymore.

I mean isn’t that what business owners do to their businesses every day?

Live with the existing problem every day hoping it will fix itself?

But you don’t have to just live with it as I did, you can do something about it.

Like, hire a professional to point out where the problem is.

Saving you time, stress AND money.

But the choice is totally up to you… you can live with wasting your precious resources focused on a problem you can’t find…

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BUT to be perfectly clear… the link is for help with your sales funnels not locating a dead mouse.  😉

Anyway, here’s the link again: https://calendly.com/faithsage/funnel-strategy-call

To locating the problem and finding a solution,


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