Navigating the storm

“It’s best to make camp before the storm arrives,” the DNR guide said to us.

We noticed the clouds beginning to roll in and had even been warned by the outfitting company we rented the canoes from there was a storm rolling in… we just didn’t think it would take us this long to find shelter.

About 3 hours in and we had only seen about a dozen or so people… and no shelter.

But we continue paddling.

With six of us in our party split evenly between two canoes and four of them under 18, the going was sloooowww.

But we were determined to find a site, make camp and be ready when the storm hit. So we paddle, look at our map, paddle, look at our map and paddle some more.

Only problem…

We had already paddled approximately 3.5 hours into the middle of nowhere USA.

Aka the Boundary Waters.

Where roads are made of water, light comes from the sun/moon/stars, time stands still and communication with the outside world is non-existent.

And when you’re used to everything dinging, beeping and making noise the quiet is kinda deceiving… in reality the time just slips away from you.

Almost like you’re transported to another world.

When we decided to do the ultimate camping trip… my husband and I plus four kids aged 10, 14, 16 and 17, people thought we were crazy.

Were we crazy?


BUT we were determined to have fun, disconnect and spend time with each other.

We were also determined not to die on that lake before we ever made camp too.

So find a campsite, find a campsite, find a campsite kept echoing in our heads after the chat with the DNR guy.

Fast forward another hour or so and the glass-like water was quickly turning into a scene from the movie The Perfect Storm.

The whitecaps were starting to splash over the sides of our canoes and the air was cooler.

Storm clouds were clustering all around and because this was our first time here, we forgot to leave the snacks accessible… so we all were hangry.

Making it even more miserable.

I mean who wants to die on an empty stomach?

We couldn’t stop now… we were fully committed to this adventure. We HAD to find a campsite or die trying.

Sounds like a lot of business owners these days.

Launching funnel after funnel after funnel and not understanding why they’re not converting only that they need the money to start coming in.

Kinda like trying to make camp during a storm.

But what if you had help finding a campsite before all hell breaks loose?

A guide if you will.

Someone that knows the terrain?

Someone that can read the map without fail and knows how to interpret the data?

I see a lot of funnels that are missing key components to help them convert at a much higher rate.

Things that seem so simple for me but yet not so simple for everyone else… like navigating a storm before all hell breaks loose.

Here’s the deal, as of this email I have 3 spots available for my highly coveted 21-Point Funnel Inspection.

This funnel inspection takes a deep dive into these 7 key areas of business: customer journey… personality… content… design… product/serice… WOW factor… and deliverability.

Where I not only give you a custom, detailed report with all my findings but I also give you a detailed walkthrough video with suggestions for improvement.

But I will warn you… the price is kinda steep and is only offered until Oct. 19th at midnight. After that you’ll have to wait until I open it back up at a later date.
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