a halloween christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry… Halloween?

It’s only October 16th and I’m literally in the middle of a snowfall.

Yes, I live in MN {le sigh} and snow comes early here.

But did you know October is the gateway to the holiday shopping season?

And if your funnels, products, and marketing plans aren’t in place (or at least thought of) then you’re likely to miss out on so many sales?

And since most everything will be digital this year what better time to get your poop in a group, funnels that is, than now?!

So from October 19th – 31st, I’ll be hosting 13 Days of Halloween on my FB business page.

Where I’ll be offering daily specials to help you get your funnels, strategies and products ready for the busiest time of the year… the holiday shopping season.

If you wanna see what it’s all about and make sure your business is ready for the holiday season jump on over here:


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