My 14 year old built a “hooch” house…

When my oldest son was around 14 he and his friend decided to build a “meeting” room (or as I called it a hooch house) on the back of our property.

They wanted to have friends over to shoot the bull with.

They wanted a getaway from the ‘rents (kid slang for parents).

They wanted something to show off to the girls.

So we said yes.

BUT they had to use what we already had laying around the yard as we weren’t buying anything.

So off they went gathering up all their needed supplies to begin building their little shed.

Every day, for about a week, they worked on this shed.

Hammer, nails, 2 by 4’s, tin, you name it they were using it.

But as most things happen with teenagers… time passes and the idea they once had vanishes (or it becomes too much work) and they lose interest in it.

So winter comes.

And winter goes.

Spring hits and my husband I are cleaning up the yard to get ready for the coming summer and we head out to the boys shed.

And we start tearing it down. Mind you it’s not even finished so it really didn’t take that long but as we were tearing it down we noticed all these 2×4 pieces cut into 1-foot lengths laying around under the frame of the shed.

We didn’t think much of it at the time and cleaned up the mess.

The next time the boys were together we asked them what all the 1-foot 2×4 pieces were for.

And they said…

“They were the footings for our shed”.

And there’s a powerful message for building funnels as well… you need a solid foundation (footings) for your funnel to sit on.

Because without that portion locked in place… your funnel will be weak, not perform well and actually cost you more time and money in the long run.

So I created the Post-It Note Funnel Foundation to help you get it right the first time.

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