Why do I need a copywriter?

Been getting asked this question quite a few times lately and let me just tell you a little story…

Imagine you’ve got this really bad abscessed tooth. It’s been bothering you for days. It’s oozing stuff and makes you sick to your stomach. You haven’t eaten or slept much in days and talking… well, you just don’t.

So you call the first dentist in the phone book and mumbling the whole time you schedule an appointment to be seen as soon as possible.

The day finally arrives and you get to the dentist.

He slaps you into the chair, lays you back and starts drilling.

No gloves, no novocaine, no warning.

Just drilling.

He gets done terrorizing your teeth, hands you some gauze and sends you on your merry way.

After a day or so your face starts swelling,  your eye is just about swollen shut and you’re running a temperature.

Thank goodness you have a roommate to get you to the E.R… and just in the nick of time.

They issue you some antibiotics to get rid of the infection that had set in from the dentist and tell you to go see a different dentist to make sure the tooth was properly taken care of.

So the next day your face has mostly returned to normal but good to your word you call around and find a reputable dentist, one that uses novocaine and wears gloves.

Unfortunately, businesses do the same thing.

They wait until they’re in dire straights to hire a copywriter and settle for anyone that comes their way (or worse yet they attempt it themselves). Another story for a different day.

Big mistake, just like this guy.

Yea he got his tooth pulled but he suffered immensely through the whole process AND had to go back and have it redone.

Hiring a copywriter (like a good dentist) will save you lots of time, pain and money in the long run.

But hey, it’s your choice.

Anyway, I talk about this extensively in the upcoming edition of The Funnel Manifest Newsletter… grab your copy here:


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