Untangling your funnel strategy

Most entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers get all jumbled up when it comes to their funnel strategy.

They have ALL the components of a successful funnel but they aren’t sure what to put where… or how to connect everything… or how to include social media… or what the logical sequence should be for their customer…and numerous other questions or concerns regarding their funnels.

And so they (or most) never launch… which is a horrible, terrible, very bad thing!

With November and December (the 2 BIGGEST shopping months of the year) right around the corner, your funnel strategy needs to be on point… it doens’t have to be complex or involved. Just a simple strategy will do the trick 90% of the time.

So for Day 2 of the 13 Days of Halloween I, want to help you get your funnel strategy locked and loaded and ready for sales, and for a very limited time (only until 10pm central time tonight) I’ll be offering a 2-Hour Funnel Strategy Session for just $697 (normally I charge $997 for this service).

Just click the link below to lock in your special price of $697 right now… because when 10 pm hits, it’ll vanish like a fart in the wind and the price will magically revert back to the original.

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