Scented funnel marketing?

Have you ever walked into a Starbucks and inhaled the smell of fresh ground coffee?

Entered a Lowe’s home improvement store and caught a big wif of freshly cut lumber?

Went to see your favorite movie that just came out in the theatre and all you can smell is popcorn?

Or at Christmas time it seems like every store has cinnamon pumping through the vents?

It’s called scent marketing.

Nike uses it and increased intent to purchase by 80%.

Gas stations that pumped out the scent of freshly brewed coffee saw an increase of 300% in their coffee sales.

Other stores that use it:

Abercrombie & Fitch




And many more.

Why am I talking about scent marketing?

Because when you can get your prospect to use more of their senses they get a deeper connection with you… a loyalty even.

It’s the same way with funnels.

Now I can’t (or haven’t figured out a way yet) to get my website to emit a specific scent when people land on it but what I have figured out is how to use the other senses in funnels which I’ll be talking about in the October issue of The Funnel Manifest.

I’ll be going in-depth about all the “background” senses that help funnels convert at a higher level, why they’re important and how to implement them in your own funnels.

Grab your issue today right here:

Oh and just a heads up… it’ll take you straight to the order page as I’m still working on the sales page.

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