Are you ready to lay down your grief and move yourself to a healthier place in spite of what the world is telling you? If so, keep reading...

Hi, My name is Faith Sage.

I’ve spent the last few years making a name for myself as “the funnel builder to the stars” helping already wildly successful entrepreneurs make even more millions…

Until I felt irrevocably called to help other women like me (and like you) find healing from their often untold and overwhelming grief.

Here’s how it happened…

Even though my father passed away in 2005, it wasn’t until my daughter Kassondra died in a freak car accident 11 years later that my true grief journey began.

My whole family reeled from Kassondra’s loss, with so-called spiritual leaders offering little more than casseroles and a pat on the back.

Soon, I felt myself adrift on a sea of nothingness. Feeling nothing, caring about nothing, doing nothing.

It wasn’t until my amazing husband confronted me about my fall into the void, pulling me out of my own self-made prison of numbness…

And my immersion into the world of NDEs (near death experiences) that I began to come out of my “grief stupor” and learn to live again.

The road back to some sort of “normal” (if you can call it that) was definitely hard…

But I threw myself into the world of online marketing and mastered the art and business of funnel building. I got so good at it and was so sought-after I had a waiting list months long.

Well-heeled online entrepreneurs lined up to pay me $25K and more just for one simple funnel.

I thought, at least on the biz side of things, that I’d “arrived.” Yet, there was a lingering emptiness gnawing away at my soul I couldn’t quite understand or even identify.

Then, in 2021, our nightmare repeated itself.

Our precious granddaughter Peyton, only 4 years old, was also killed in a car crash, just like her aunt Kassondra.

Losing a child was an unfathomable loss, like being consumed by a black hole… but to also lose our granddaughter in the same way?

I just didn’t know how I could possibly contain or process that monolithic overdose of grief.

All I knew was that again, I felt in shock, shattered and utterly alone… 

And outside my husband and family, there wasn’t any kind of group or resources that could help me even begin to think about healing.

So I did the only thing I could think of, at the time.

I decided to put my grief on paper.

I wrote “A Walk With Faith” in a few months time, and my calling to serve other women lost in the throes of grief clanged louder and louder.

That’s when my idea for The Healing Huddle was born.

What Is The Healing Huddle?

The Healing Huddle is a gathering of women grieving the loss of a loved one (or loved ones) where they can find community, emotional strength, and specific tools to help manage the grief load they carry.

One thing to keep in mind, though…

This isn’t your typical support group or expensive therapy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are places for those resources… but The Healing Huddle is entirely different.

Every month, we feature a mini-presentation on a specific topic related to grief, and a discussion afterwards to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Through this group’s sharing and enlightenment, each month you will feel the darkness ebb away and your grief become more manageable day to day.

In other words, you’ll never again walk alone on your grief journey.

You’ll find purpose, joy and a zest for life again — without shame, guilt and feeling like you aren’t “mourning enough” for those you’ve lost.

A Burden Shared Is But Half A Burden

Do you remember when our grandmothers used to say, “a burden shared is but half a burden?”

That’s the intention behind The Healing Huddle.

The difference is, the women in this special group have all experienced incalculable loss…

Whether from the death of a spouse, child, parent or even a best friend.

When you share things like, “It’s all I can do some days to take a shower and order DoorDash”... you won’t be judged or met with blank stares.

The women in The Healing Huddle know exactly what this feels like.

Because they have been there.

As a mother, you can’t explain pregnancy and childbirth to someone who’s never experienced it, right?

The same goes for heart-wrenching grief.

In order to empathize, you have to have lived it.

Life is a journey, and grief is one of the bags you will carry.

The Healing Huddle Isn’t For Everyone Who’s Grieving.

This group was specifically designed for women who are action takers, who want to face their grief and actively release what they can, so they can get back to living life.

Not to deny their loss… but to find a new way of living with their loss.

Powerfully. Boldly, Intentionally.

In short, The Healing Huddle isn’t for you if:

  • You want to stay stuck
  • You want to feel sorry for yourself
  • You want to stay in perpetual denial, anger or bargaining stages
  • You don’t want to share or give back to others
  • You don’t want to heal

If you’re still reading, I’m pretty sure that list DOESN’T describe you.

But if you feel called to join, you will also get some incredible perks along with your membership.

Release Your “Grief Gauge” with My Custom-Designed “Notes for Now” Grief Journal

Grief is an emotion that comes over us in waves, and builds slowly within us as time passes. 

As the well-known quote says, “Grief is love with nowhere to go.”

Like all forms of energy, grief must be released regularly so that it doesn’t consume you — your thoughts, your actions and your entire life.

One of the best ways to safely release your “grief gauge” is to put what you’re currently experiencing and feeling on paper. 

That’s why I created my “Notes for Now” Grief Journal.

This isn’t just some generic notebook, with nothing but blank sheets of paper staring back at you, waiting for you to write in them.

It’s a transformative tool for documenting your loss… and to get the thoughts and emotions out of your heart and head, and onto the page.

With the “Notes for Now” Grief Journal, you’ll be guided along your grief journey with specific sections, each with its own purpose:


This section is specifically for you to write about your loved one.


30 days of journal prompts to help get your creative juices (and emotions) flowing.


A place to make note of special holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc for your loved one.


A space to write out what feelings/emotions come up during the monthly chat.


There never seems to be enough room for ALL the notes you want to take... so I added more!


This section is ALL about you and getting to know yourself more.

Your Subscription Comes with Other Exclusive Perks, Too!

You’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Rising Private Facebook Group: find community and help heal in the midst of other truly amazing women experiencing the deep throes of grief — and find your voice boldly and unapologetically. Laugh at memes, cry at shared stories of departed loved ones, and find joy in the only ways women who grieve can.
  • Discounts on my courses and future offers: I’m not just building a grief group, I’m building a movement to normalize talking about and processing grief… and even planning for your own family after you are gone to minimize their pain. When you join The Healing Huddle, you get first access to and special discounts on these special offers, before anyone else. There’s even a Grief Conference in the works, and you’ll get a first look at that, too
  • Exclusive access to me: trust me, as a super busy wife, mom, grandma and entrepreneur… This is something I don’t do for everyone… but I will do for my Healing Huddle members. Because I, too, am a grieving woman. I understand the emptiness, challenges and despair you feel… and can help you process your grief to emerge stronger and more joyful than ever. There are guidelines for getting this exclusive access to me, but it’s my commitment to support you authentically and transparently.

So How Much Does The Healing Huddle Cost?

That’s a great question, and one I’ll answer in just a second. But first, let me ask you…

What other alternatives have you considered to help you move past the hardest parts of grieving and to begin the healing process?

Free support groups? These can definitely be helpful, especially in the beginning… but many of these groups don’t have a goal or aim of progressive healing, just sharing the hurt, loss and despair that comes with losing a loved one. I know, I’ve been to many… and I ended up just feeling stuck, adrift in a sea of grief with nothing beyond the horizon. If you are genuinely wanting to heal, these groups may not be your best option.

Private counseling? Again, professional help from a trained counselor or therapist might be the right choice for you… but this option can be expensive and lacks the kind of community and empathy that The Healing Huddle can give you. Bear in mind that most therapy sessions, can run from $100 - $150+ per session. If you go once a week, you could be paying upwards of $500 a month. Make sure your goals align with what you will get when choosing private counseling.

The Healing Huddle, by comparison, is only $99 a month.

To meet other supportive and grieving women, find genuine sisterhood and community, and begin your healing journey… making real strides to feeling whole again… your investment will be well worth it.

You’ll get the monthly meetings, “Notes for Now” Grief Journal, Rising Private Facebook Group access, and all the other perks, including access to me, for the cost of a nice dinner out for you and your spouse or friend.

And you can cancel at any time. There’s no contracts, rules, or raised eyebrows if you feel you need to take a break or leave altogether. 

So, are you ready to feel alive again? To stop spiraling down a black hole of never ending, consuming grief? To learn the specific techniques and mindsets to help you heal and move forward with your life boldly and unapologetically?

If you are, click the button below to begin to find your way out of your pit of grief and into the sunlight again.

We’re waiting for you. Join us!

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See you in the community! 


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