Faster, faster… that’s what she said.

I didn’t want to do it.

But my husband was so persuasive.

Here’s what he wanted to do…

We had a 2012 Dodge diesel 6-speed, one-ton crew cab truck. A MONSTER of a truck.

It was great to haul around our pack of kids and pull our trailers.

But it was having some issues so we took it to the shop to get looked at.

And it needed all new injectors.

Now if you don’t know what injectors are well, me either, all I know is it needed a lot of them and they were expensive.

Now I mentioned the expensive injectors… but my husband wanted to upgrade the injectors to performance ones… which would be even more expensive!

His reasoning was it would give the truck more power, less emissions and better fuel economy.

I had no argument against the injectors except the price, they were almost double the regular injectors.

BUT c’mon double the price?!

Anyway, we got the performance injectors installed and…

Let me tell you what.

That was THE FUNNEST truck to drive after that!

I could squeal the tires in almost every gear! And every time I was behind the wheel I was racing to get to the destination. And lemme tell you… I was driving that truck everywhere.

But if I would’ve stood firm and balked and complained about the new injectors I would’ve missed out on all the fun of driving the truck.

Whatever the case, it’s the same for your business.

Optimizing your funnels will result in getting you closer to who your target audience is, less time inbetween conversions, and higher ROI.

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